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Welcome to My Fit Life CBD & Sports Nutrition

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Welcome to My Fit Life!

We're super excited that you are here and are looking forward to assisting you with your health and wellness goals.

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What We Do

My Fit Life offers a complete eco-system of CBD and Sports Nutrition Products to help you get healthy and stay healthy naturally. In addition, we offer programs like the 21 Day Reset and AWOL: A Way of Life to help you achieve your goals quicker and better.

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Our Vision

To Help People Achieve Vibrant Health Naturally Without the Use of Pharmaceuticals or Harmful Medications.

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Our Mission

At My Fit Life, we know that people are suffering needlessly because of a healthcare system that has failed us and corporate giants that choose profits over people. We understand that good health is attainable through simple changes in the way we move and the way we eat. We have created products, programs, and protocols to help YOU get healthy, think clearly, gain confidence and build your immune system naturally, without the use of Pharmaceuticals or harmful Medications. So, you can enjoy vibrant health and increase your levels of energy, clarity & confidence.

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Core Values

My Fit Life is a Community First CBD and Wellness Brand. Every decision we make is based off our core values
1. A Commitment to Excellence
2. Get Better Every Day
3. Show Up Ready
4. Love Always

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I am a BioHacker!
I choose to Achieve Vibrant Health Naturally, without the use of Pharmaceuticals or Harmful Medications.
I do not play the victim. I take responsibility for my health and happiness.
I eat healthy and I exercise regularly.
I use preventive care methods to maintain health.
I am confident. I am powerful.
I refuse to be weakened or broken down.
I ask questions. I seek the TRUTH.
I take action. I lead by example.
Every day, I am excited to get up off the sidelines
and participate in this game called life!

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