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Posted by My Fit Life on Aug 10th 2021

Check out this video to discover which CBD is best for you... Capsules, Topicals, or Tinctures.

- Capsules, tinctures or topicals, which CBD is best for me?

Now, this is one of the most common questions we get here at My Fit Life. And it's important to understand this in order to get the most benefit. Okay?

So there's three different aspects to consider.

Number one, what's the purpose? Why do you wanna take CBD?

Number two, capsules versus tinctures. What's the difference and which one's best for you?

And number three, it's a concept I came up with, called primary and secondary forms of CBD supplementation.

Now first off, what's the purpose? Like why do you wanna take CBD? To maintain the status quo, to overcome a situation or as needed for things like workouts or hiking and et cetera?

Now, as a side note, you can have multiple purposes and you can take more than one form of CBD and many people do with great success.

So, with maintenance and maintaining status quo, you're gonna generally be taking capsules or tinctures. And it's gonna generally be taken twice daily in the morning and in the evening.

Now, when it comes to overcoming a situation that is like if you have an injury or coming back from surgery et cetera, with that one, you're gonna be taking capsules and/or tinctures. Now, the reason is and/or, is because of a concept I came up with, called macro dosing. Now, it's different than like medication. CBD is different than medication where with medication, you take the minimum effective dose because they have so many side effects. With CBD, there's no side effects, just side benefits. So we can actually macro dose and take these larger doses to get maximum benefit. And generally, that's gonna be done two to four times daily and it's gonna be an elevated milligram strength. Okay? And sometimes, if there's like an actual injury like for your knee or your shoulder or something like that, then, you'll be doing topicals as well. And that kind of topicals would be done on an as needed basis. Okay?

And with the overcoming a situation kind of a phase, you only do that for the period of time that you are overcoming that situation. Once that is over with, then you revert into a maintenance phase where you're just doing the CBD in the capsule or tincture form and is done twice daily morning and evening, okay?

So the next one is the as needed. So, that's generally gonna be topicals or tinctures, and it's gonna be done either before or after your event, like your excursion, your hike or your workout, et cetera. Okay? So like, if it was me, if I was gonna go on a hike, I might do our sport gel on my ankles and knees and maybe my shoulders and elbows just to get lubricated and warmed up so I could have more fun during that excursion. And then afterwards, I might do a tincture, but not a full dropper, not a full dose, just like what we call a micro dose or a partial dose, okay? And that's done on an as needed basis as well.

So you're only doing that when you're doing those excursions, like when you're gonna before or after your workout, before or after your hike, et cetera. So, if you're not hiking on a certain day, then you wouldn't do that micro dose or that topical on that certain day. And if you do, then you do, right?

So, that's why we say that those are as needed and the maintenance phase and the overcoming a situation kind of phase, those ones that are done with a specific milligram strengths at specific intervals during the day, day in and day out without fail. Okay?

So that gets us into our next subject, which is capsules or tinctures, which one is best for you? Okay? So, both work well as primary forms of CBD supplementation and which one are you most comfortable taking? So that's the main question with the capsules or tinctures when you're first starting out, which one are you more comfortable taking that you're gonna be, are gonna actually take day in and day out? Over time, most people will veer towards the capsules 'cause that's an easy measured dose, but at first, some people are like, "Ah, I don't know if I'll do the capsules, I might do the tincture, you know." So if you're that person, then do the tincture and you could do that as a primary dose, no problem. Okay? You could do a primary dose, micro dose and macro dose with the tincture. They're very, very, very versatile. That's why a lot of people like them. Okay? But like we said, over time, most people do veer towards the capsules for both maintenance phase and the overcoming a situation kind of a phase. Okay?

So let's get into the primary and secondary forms of CBD supplementation. So this is a concept that I came up with way back in like 2016, when we first started selling CBD to the public and there's a primary and a secondary form of CBD supplementation. Now the primary are your mainstays. Okay? They're taken day in and day out without fail, and it's gonna be a capsule or a tincture. Okay? They are solid measured doses and it's a capsule or the tincture, not the topical. Okay?

Now the secondary form, that's the one that's done as needed, and that's the tincture or topical, that's one where the topicals come in, for the workouts, for the excursions, for getting out there and having fun, getting up off the sidelines and participating in the game of life. Okay? That's where the topicals come in. But, so the primary, the mainstays are the capsules and the tinctures. The secondary forms of CBD supplementation are gonna be your topicals or your tincture used as a micro dose. Okay?

So, understanding these concepts can help maximize your efforts with CBD supplementation, and help you achieve your goals, okay?

So, if you're curious about which type of CBD is best for you, like Full Spectrum or the Pure Crystalline Isolate, then I'll post a link to a short video and a description below.

And if you have any questions about CBD supplementation for your specific situation, you can contact

Remember, knowledge is power and health is wealth. Again, this is Al Morentin, with My Fit Life. Thank you and have a beautiful day. Peace.






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