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​Himalayan Salt vs Table Salt

​Himalayan Salt vs Table Salt

Posted by Al Morentin on Feb 2nd 2022

Himalayan Salt vs Table Salt

Is Himalayan salt better?

Check out the video for details.

Al Morentin: Hey Freedom Fighters. This is Al Morentin host of the Health Freedom show and CEO of My Fit Life. One of the questions we get in our community is, is Himalayan salt better than table salt. And the simple answer is yes. And here's why, so table salt is just sodium chloride. It's NaCl, which is a single mineral, okay. So all other nutrients that it originally had with it in nature were stripped away through processing and then actually bleaching afterwards. Just to make it that pure whiteness. And sometimes iodine is added back into the salt and it's mainly for PR or marketing purposes.

Sodium chloride is known as one of the White Devils and it's devoid of all nutrition. Remember it's been stripped away from it, through the processing and because of this, it robs your body of nutrition or nutrients to process through it. So it's a literal poison to your body because it robs your body of nutrition. Okay. So Himalayan salt, like pink, Himalayan salt.

This is a culinary version of it. It's ionically charged and it's high vibration, meaning, and it has an energy, okay. So it's a pure crystalline salt. It has a perfect crystalline structure. When you look at it under a microscope, so similar to what snowflakes look like. It's really super cool. In addition to the sodium chloride, the NaCl, it has all 84 minerals and trace elements.

So it actually adds nutrition to your body. And note your body, the water that your body has remember, you're like about 70% water inside of your body and it's saline, or saltwater similar to the ocean. And that's why you do need salts, but this kind of salt is the most and has the most benefit to it.

So on a cellular level, Himalayan salt, it gives your blood cells a negative charge. So that blood cells, they repel each other as they flow through your arteries and your veins. So it's a very smooth process, you know, it's, it's, it's, uh, it's, what's supposed to happen in other words, if you don't have that, that negative charge, if you have it more positively charged, which is also known as like being an acidic environment.

Then the positive charge causes the blood cells is a clump together. So it becomes like a sludge going through your arteries and veins, and it causes these micro ulcerations or little tears in your arteries. And it causes a buildup and of hardening of your arteries and there's all kinds of problems. So the sodium chloride, the table salt is literally a poison to your body.

And the Himalayan salt actually has health benefit. Okay. So, do you use table salt or do you use Himalayan salt? I'd like to know. So put that in the comments below and remember to like this video and subscribe to our channel if you do enjoy these types of videos so I can note and make more of them.

Again, this is Al Morentin with My Fit Life and the Health Freedom Show.

Thank you and have a beautiful day. Peace.

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