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Posted by Al Morentin on Jan 19th 2022

The 2 most common questions I get at My Fit Life are...

How much CBD should I take? And how much CBD do others take?

Check out the video for details...


How much CBD should I take? And how much CBD do others take?

In this video I will discuss the general dosages most common in the My Fit Life Community…

My name is Al Morentin, CEO of My Fit Life… Remember to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel to see more videos like this.

Let’s get into the presentation…

Once a client decides on the type of CBD… capsules or tinctures. The next question is…

How much CBD should I take?

In most cases, you’ll begin with 25mg twice a day… 50mg total per day…

When starting off… you do this for about a week and check in

Feel Good?

Stay there… This is where about 40% of our community lives.

Feel good but need a little more?

Double up to 50mg twice a day… 100mg total per day.

This one is about 40% of the My Fit Life Community, as well.

Lvl 1 and Lvl2 are about 80% of our community.

There are Outliers That Require more…

I call this Macro Dosing

Dosages are taken 2 to 3 times per day at 200mg to 600mg or more

It’s like a Full Frontal Assault

About 20% of our community lives here

Clients in this category usually have a condition or are recovering from injury or surgery. 

And for them, myself included, it’s life changing.

To Recap:

Most in our community do very well with

25mg twice a day morning and night… 40% of Community

Others do well with 50mg twice a day morning and night… 40%

Some outliers may need to Macro Dose… 20% of Community

Hopefully this helps and gives you some ideas…

Contact us if you have questions or concerns about your specific situation.

Have questions? Schedule a complimentary consultation at the link provided in the description below.

This is Al Morentin with My Fit Life… 

Thank you and Have a Beautiful Day!


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