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Jun 29th 2021

New Products, New Labels, and Better Pricing on CBD at

We've made some exciting upgrades to our website... adding new products, new labels, new graphics, and better pricing on CBD products.

Check out the video for full details.

TRANSCRIPT- Hey guys, welcome to myfitlife. My name is Al Morentin. I'm the founder and product developer at myfitlife.

So in this video, we're going to go over some exciting new upgrades. We did to the website. Okay, so if we go over to the homepage, you'll see that the headline and sub-headline, they're much easier to read now, I made them pop out a little bit more for all devices, basically, and then more importantly behind there, you'll notice that there's some contrast in the labels now before they were all black and now some of them are white and some of them are black.

The ones that are, that remain black in the capsules and the tinctures are full spectrum, and the ones that are now white, those are the ones that are pure crystalline. So before that, it was pretty much just the wording that distinguished the difference between the two, the pure crystalline and the full spectrum. But now you'll be able to easily distinguish between the two just by the pure Crystalline being white labels and the full spectrum remaining with the black labels.

And if we scroll down here a little bit, you can see how easy that is to distinguish, full spectrum has black labels, pure CBD with no THC has the white labels, and, you know, if you look at the category for capsules, you'll see that the white label CBD and the dark label CBD, and we know that one's pure crystalline and the other's full spectrum, same thing with the tinctures. So if we go into the actual category, you'll see, you know, pure crystalline CBD, full spectrum CBD. And one has dark labels and one has white labels, along with changing the labels, we actually changed the graphics as well. We've just done it in the pure crystalline section first and then left the other graphics in the full spectrum the way they are just so you can see the difference in this video, but we will change them over as well. Just so in the thumbnail graphic that follows the product along. It just has what it is so pure crystalline CBD capsules, and then the strengths of the capsules, 25 milligram and 50 milligram, okay?

And then if you go in to the actual product, you'll see that there's a lot of different choices for the capsules. There's not just the strength of 25 milligram and 50 milligram. We also have three different capsule count sizes. So 240 count 120 count 60 count for the 50 milligram. And then the same thing for the 25 milligram. So the way you do that over here is you choose what strength you want. 25 milligram or 50 milligram. And then I choose, what capsule count size you want for each jar? 60 count 120 count 240 count.

Okay, so as long as we're in here, I'm going to show you also that we are right now able to lower our price a little bit for the, for some of our products. And we're in like a funny situation, you know, in the world right now it's June 29th, 2021, and prices are going up dramatically all across the board. And it's actually hard to get jars and things like that right now, as well. But with the exact situation that we are in as a company, we're able to lower our prices a little bit for few of our products. And we don't want to say that we're going to change them the price right now, because our ability to do this might change tomorrow, you know, kind of thing. So we're keeping our manufacturer's suggested retail price up here, but we have the actual price that we're charging, in this orange color here, okay. So we're giving you a savings of $10 for that. So it's easier to do this than to just change the price. And like I said, we might have to change back to this at some point, but also the reason we do this as well is if we do a sale, like for the 4th of July is coming up for instance, if we do a sale, I'm like I got 15 or 20% discount for that day or something, then it'll be 15 or 20% off with this orange price right here and not off for this price over here, so we're just trying to get everybody in our community the best, not just the best product possible, that's what we do every day, but I try to get them the best deal that we possibly can as well, okay. So hopefully you guys get that.

So, you know, so you'll see that the savings actually goes up as you go along, for that one was 10 bucks. You know, this one for this 120 count it's 20 bucks. And for the 240 count, it's 35 bucks. So the price per capsule goes down and then the just period off of the manufacturer's suggested retail, but also the price went down dramatically. If there's $35 per jar is what we're able to give you as a savings right now, okay. So, and then it's even more dramatic with the 50 milligrams, okay. So like with a 60 count, there's a $20 savings, not the $10 which was with the 25 milligrams. So the 50 milligrams, 60 count has a $20 savings. The 120 count has a $40 savings. And the 240 count has an $80 savings, okay. So that's pretty huge savings all across the board. And you'll see that with our pure crystalline products, pretty much the capsules and tinctures, okay. Let me see, let me go in there. Let me just go in there real quick. I'll show you, okay.

So you'll see that the capsules are slashed down a little bit, are tinctures as well. And if you go into them, you'll notice that there's a savings. if you choose 1000 there's like a little savings. If you go into the 2000, there's those little savings as well, there's a huge savings just going from 1000 to 2000, if you'll notice too, you know, the suggested retails was 100 it goes out in the 90 here, and the 2000, you know, it goes all the way down to 150 here. So it's not as a $10 savings. It was like huge savings milligram to milligram from 2000 to 1000. And it's really, really cool. So that's one of the advantages of watching a video like this as well, and doing a walkthrough.

So let's go back over to the menu actually. And I'll show you up here we have two, we have new products put in some MSM products to MSM products, and then two pet CBD tinctures. There's two different strength. They're the same thing. And I'll explain that. I'll explain that in a second. We'll actually go into that category right now. So there's two categories that were made one for the pets, one for MSM. And then you'll notice that some of our MSM is also good for pets. So all of the products that are good for pets are in the pet category, and let's go into the pet CBD, cause this is new to the site as well. It's not a new product for us, but it is new to this website, okay. So you'll notice there's, there's a little savings here for the 200 milligram, and then also a little bit bigger savings for the 400 milligram, so once is like a, a small pet on a large pet formula, et cetera. And like I said, it's a pure crystalline. So it has the white label. There's no THC and it's super popular, okay.

So let's go back over here. And like I said, we have MSM. MSM is one of our OG products as, we've been selling it since, or I've been selling since 1992 and myfitlife has been selling it since day one. This is a 20 year anniversary. So we've been selling it since 2001 as a company, okay. So let me go over to the MSM category and you have pure MSM capsules and pure MSM flakes, okay. And one's obviously a capsule, one's obviously a flake and the new graphics that we have, just make it easy for you to distinguish between the two for the OG people that is like one that I need the capsules, or I need the flakes. I need both which one's which is, this tells you right here, they're both the same price it's just that one you get dramatic with the flakes, you get dramatically more, but there are just, you know, the capsules are just much easier to take. They're more labor intensive to get to you, but they're easier for the end consumers to take, okay.

So that's basically it just the new pricing, the new products and new graphics, new categories, et cetera, a bunch of new changes to the website. So hope you enjoyed that and you got a lot of benefit from this video. So that's basically it for today's video. Again, remember to check out our online CBD And if you join our newsletter there, if you're new to the website, you'll see a pop-up come up and it'll say asking you for your email address to join the newsletter. And if you do that, then you'll be sent a coupon code to get 20% off your first order at the website, okay. And then that's basically it. You need to follow through with that and just put the coupon code in the shopping cart. And you'll be good to go.

So again, remember guys that knowledge is power and health is wealth. And this is Al Morentin with myfitlife. Thank you and have a beautiful day... Peace.



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