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Posted by Al Morentin on Jul 9th 2021

With all the CBD brands available on the market today... Why do so many choose My Fit Life CBD and return for more?

My Fit Life is one of a handful of Cannabis and Hemp companies that has true seed to packaging oversight on our CBD products, including CBD Capsules and Drops, Full Spectrum Topicals, as well as CBD for Pets.

Watch this video to discover the painstaking process we go through from hemp seeds to hemp plants to CBD oil to final product in the package.


- [Al] So why choose My Fit Life CBD? With all the choices out there on the market today, why do so many choose My Fit Life and stick with My Fit Life?

I can tell you that much of it has to do with the purity, quality, and consistency of product that we have.

In this video, I will cover an overview of our process, the seeds and strains that we use, the farms and farmers that we work with, our extraction process, our proprietary formulations, and lastly, the products and product lines themselves.

My name is Al Morentin. I'm the CEO and founder of My Fit Life. I've been working with cannabis and holistic health for 35 years and I've been formulating products since 1992. I have glaucoma and I suffer from migraines and I actually went blind and got my vision back with cannabis oils and I do not wanna go blind again. So My Fit Life CBD products were actually created out of necessity.

So our seeds and strain. Proprietary high CBD hemp strains developed by our farmers. They have proprietary cannabinoid and terpene profiles and ratios, and they actually have fields that are dedicated to seed production and testing. So there's acreage that are dedicated to seed production and testing and there are in-house seed banks that are cataloged for future grows. My Fit Life hemp plants, they are a unique variety grown under direct grower contract, not available on the open market. We control every part of the production of our hemp CBD from seeding to packaging following our quality and purity protocol.

Our plants are outdoor, sun-grown, and in the ground. We use biodynamic farming practices. Beyond organic. No pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Now, as mentioned, our farmers use biodynamic farming practices. The seedlings and cuttings are planted by hand in the ground, over a million of them with each grow. The plants are raised and cared for by hand as well. And when harvested, they are hung and air dried properly in barns. No heaters. No bailing. So heaters can actually denature the components within the hemp plant and the bailing can actually cause mildew and fungus to form.

So our extraction process is a proprietary extraction process. We use proprietary extraction equipment setup and it took 17 years to develop this extraction process. It's a whole-plant extraction, but no major stalks and mostly hemp flower is used. It's a subcritical extraction process with 100% food-grade ethanol and our main extractor has been extracting cannabis since 1999. So lots of experience in our company with cannabis and holistic health.

So formulations. I have been researching and developing holistic wellness products since 1992. I am the main formulator at My Fit Life. I have worked with cannabis since 1987 and developed the proprietary formulations created in-house. It took me 17 years of research and development to discover our extraction process, from 1996 to 2013, and seven more years of research and development, including case studies, to create and perfect My Fit Life's finished product lines.

So our packaging. Remember, we think of everything from seeding to packaging. Our packaging is a specialized biophotonic violet glass. It's an energizing glass. It's made by one company in the world. The glass only allows in two spectrums of light, so it preserves its contents nine times longer than normal. So the glass is actually the preservatives. We do not use any harmful preservatives in any of our products.

Our products are vegan, non-GMO, naturally gluten-free, dairy-free. We use a proprietary carrier oil of a specific blend of medium-chain triglycerides. Okay, so most companies, if they use MCT oils, it is one specific medium-chain triglyceride. I use a specific blend because I feel that it works better and the proof is actually in the pudding, okay? And I'm also vegan, so all of our products are also cruelty-free.

Our product lines. Now, our original product line is our Pure Crystalline CBD line. It's called our Healthy Blend line. Our Full Spectrum line is our Essential Blend line. It's actually our most popular product line now and it's the one that I personally use. Our Pet CBD line is known as our Furry Blend line. It's amazing and it's also a Pure Crystalline CBD, so no THC. And our MUVIT Sport Topical line has lotion and a sport gel. The lotion has MSM, DMAE, and CBD and the sport gel has a blend of CBD oils and extracts, so absolutely amazing.

So here's a visual representation of some of our products. This is our lotion with the CBD, DMAE, and MSM. Here's our sports gel. Our Pure Crystalline product lines are represented with the white labels. There's a variety of strengths and capsule counts. Our Full Spectrum lines have representation with the dark labels and they have various strengths and capsule counts as well.

So My Fit Life will continue to maintain our commitment to provide high-quality, safe products for our clients and customers without compromise. Remember, I am not just the CEO. I am actually a customer myself and I depend on the quality of our products as well. This is known as our commitment to excellence and it is why we are known as the clear choice in CBD.

So thank you for checking out this video. If you'd like to check out My Fit Life online, you can find us at Remember, knowledge is power and health is wealth.

Again, this is Al Morentin with My Fit Life. Thank you, and have a beautiful day.