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Posted by Al Morentin on Apr 14th 2022

Why choose My Fit Life CBD?

With all the choices out there on the market today, why do so many choose My Fit Life and stick with My Fit Life?

While much of our success has to do with the quality of our product; the customer support we provide our clients is actually our “secret sauce” and the reason-why we have clients that have stuck with us since Day 1.

In this video I will cover:

  • Why We Exist. Why I founded the company. 
  • Our Commitment to You. 
  • Our Proprietary Process from Soil to Oil. 
  • What makes us different. 
  • Our Zero Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee. 
  • How to Take Your CBD for Success. 

Check out the video for full details.


Why choose My Fit Life CBD? With all the choices out there on the market today, why do so many choose My Fit Life and stick with My Fit Life?

While much of our success has to do with the quality of our product; the customer support we provide our clients is actually our “secret sauce” and the reason-why we have clients that have stuck with us since Day 1.

In this video I will cover:

Why We Exist. Why I founded the company.

Our Commitment to You.

Our Proprietary Process from Soil to Oil.

What makes us different.

Our Zero Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

And, How to Develop Your Wellness Plan for Success.


My name is Al Morentin, I’m the founder and what is known as “Patient Zero” for MY FIT LIFE. When I was in 6th grade my Optometrist informed me that I had the markers for Glaucoma and would most likely go blind when I was older. At that time, he said that there is no cure for Glaucoma. Fast forward to 1996. I was 30 years old, when my Optometrist told me that my Glaucoma was active and that I would slowly lose my vision and go blind one day. She had the same news for me… There is no cure for Glaucoma. She laid out a long-term pharmaceutical plan of drops, injections, and potential surgeries… even though none of it was proven to work!

After watching my father suffer through decades of using prescription eye drops, needle injections directly into his eyes, and surgeries… and still end up going blind… I decided not to go the traditional Allopathic route… It sent me on a lifelong journey to search for alternative solutions to my situation, which now included skull-crushing migraines.

The more I searched, the more I found that there were no available solutions. This concerned me immensely, but I knew the problems weren’t going away, so I continued the search. It took 17 years of research, interviews, and self-experimentation to discover a “solution” that has given me my life back! It’s not a cure, but it allows me to live almost symptom-free.

There was only one problem. At that time, in 2013, Cannabis and CBD oils were illegal in most states and there were no companies that sold CBD to the public. I knew I needed to take Full Extract CBD for the rest of my life and that I would need a quality and consistent source that I could depend on. I knew the only way to keep the quality and purity up and the cost down was to utilize my contacts in Cannabis and Holistic Health and start my own Brand. So, that’s what I did. And today, My Fit Life CBD is shipped all over the country to people who are now able to get up off the sidelines and enjoy the game of life!

Will you be next?


MY FIT LIFE is committed to providing you the most pure and potent Ethanol extracted Full Extract Cannabis Oil available on the market today. We are one of a handful of Cannabis and Hemp companies that have total oversight of the entire manufacturing process from Soil-to-Oil.


We spare no expense and meticulously source all ingredients. Our CBD is extracted and formulated with great care and expertise to preserve the essential plant nutrition. It is 100% safe and natural. We use food grade solvents to extract our oils. We never add any artificial ingredients, flavors, or preservatives.


Our Proprietary high CBD Hemp strains are developed by our farmers.

They have Proprietary Cannabinoid and Terpene profiles and ratios.


MY FIT LIFE Hemp plants are a unique variety, grown under direct grower contract, not available on the open market. We control every part of the production of our Hemp CBD from seeding to packaging following our Quality & Purity Protocols.


We develop direct relations with our farmers in Oregon and Colorado. Our farms use "beyond organic" biodynamic farming principles to produce our high CBD hemp plants with diverse cannabinoid and terpene profiles. All My Fit Life Hemp is sun grown in the ground to guarantee maximum nutrition and a high percentage of naturally occurring CBD.


Experienced Cannabis and Hemp Farmers that care for the plants by hand from seedlings and cuttings all the way to harvest time. Biodynamic farming. No pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides used.


A Proprietary Extraction System. 17 years to develop.

It's a Whole plant extraction. Mostly hemp flower. No major stalks.


At MY FIT LIFE, we use pure 200 proof food grade Ethanol to extract our CBD Oils. It is Organic 100% pure anhydrous Ethanol. Safe for human consumption. It is basically a pure grain alcohol derived from plants for plants.

Organic Ethanol costs 5 to 10 times more than other extraction solvents, but it allows for safe extraction of all Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavonoids, and Phyto-nutrients.

Other solvents eliminate or destroy the delicate Flavonoids and Terpenes during the extraction process making their oils inferior to our Sub-Zero Ethanol Extractions. Thus, Making MY FIT LIFE the most potent and pure CBD extracts available on the market today.

Think of Us As A Fine Wine

There are many vineyards in the world.

Many produce “2 Buck Chuck”.

A few produce fine wines that fetch several hundred dollars per bottle, with a waiting list of eager buyers.

Not all wine is the same. From the soil and climate the grapes are grown in, to the master wine makers involved in the process, to the barrels the wine is aged in. Everything matters when producing a fine wine. Everything.

The same goes for CBD Oils.

Remember that My Fit Life is one of literally a handful of CBD companies that has in-house proprietary formulations for all of our products.

90% of the CBD companies in the United States have their products made for them through white labeling or private labeling. They have no idea where their products came from!

I know manufacturers that private label for thousands of companies, so I know this first hand.

They are the 2 Buck Chuck of the CBD industry. Producing for the masses.

My Fit Life is the Fine Wine of the CBD industry. Artisan Crafted in small batches to ensure Quality Purity and Potency. We are your master wine makers working hard to provide you the best CBD available. So you can conquer your day and enjoy your life!


MY FIT LIFE delivers unmatched customer support to our diverse Community.

Have questions or concerns about product or dosage?

Contact us and a qualified in-house Cannabis consultant will happily assist you.


We’ll help you Choose Your Product and Follow the Plan, so you can Look Better, Feel Better, and Enjoy Your Life!

You shouldn’t have to worry or wonder about which product is best for you. Nor should you have to worry or wonder about how to take it.

At MY FIT LIFE we are here to serve you and assist you on your journey towards Vibrant Health and Happiness.



Boosts Your Health & Immunity Naturally, Without Side-Effects.

Third party lab tested to ensure quality, purity, and potency.

Contains less than 0.3% THC in accordance with federal mandates.

No Prescription or Doctor Recommendation needed.

Does not get you high or impair motor skills.

Boosts Your Health & Immunity Naturally; Without Side Effects.

While our amazing CBD products set us miles apart from the competition.

But our Client Success Bonuses Put MY FIT LIFE in a Category of One!


I've added a number of bonuses to help you get the best results you can in the Shortest Amount of Time Possible.

Success Bonus #1 a $99 Value

“Product Discovery Call”

Have questions about which product is best for you? Schedule a complimentary discovery call to speak with a qualified Wellness Consultant.

Success Bonus #2 a $99 Value

An Onboarding Video “How to Take CBD for Success”

A client Onboarding video with tips, tricks, and real-world strategies to help clear the confusion and get you on the fast-track to success.

Success Bonus #3 a $349 Value

“Personalized Protocol for Success”

A 30 minute 1-on-1 consultation to develop a personalized protocol specific to your situation. It includes a PDF of the protocol for your files.

Success Bonus #4 a $349 Value

“Fast Track Follow-up Consultations”

30-minute consultation to check-in, answer questions, and adjust your protocol as needed... to keep you on the fast-track towards success. It also includes a PDF of your protocol for your files.

And, Success Bonus #5 which is Priceless!

“World Class Customer Support”

Talk to an experienced and friendly customer support rep by phone, email or text. We are easy to get ahold of and are eager to assist you.

Here's a Recap of Your MY FIT LIFE Success Bonuses:

Success Bonus #1 Product Discovery Call. A $99 Value.

Success Bonus #2 Onboarding Video. How to Take CBD for Success. A $99 Value.

Success Bonus #3 Personalized Protocol Consultation. A $349 Value.

Success Bonus #4 Follow-up Consultations to Adjust Your Protocol. A $349 Value per Consultation.

Success Bonus #5 World Class Customer Care. Which is Priceless in Today's World.

That's an $896 value in added bonuses just for being a MY FIT LIFE customer... at no additional cost to you!

But Wait! There’s more!


To make your decision to go with us a “no-brainer”

Your order is protected by my iron-clad 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

If trying MY FIT LIFE doesn’t turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made, or if you change your mind for any reason whatsoever, just let us know any time in the next 60 days and we’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund right away.

Our industry-leading customer support team and myself are extremely easy to get a hold of and will always be here to support you no matter what.

When You Combine Our High Quality CBD, with our Complimentary Success Bonuses, and our 100% Satisfaction "No-Risk" Money Back Guarantee... It's basically a no-brainer to get started...

What Do I Do Now?

This is the Fun Part! Choose Your Options and Begin Your Journey Towards Vibrant Health and Happiness!

Step #1 Choose one of the Tincture or Capsule options.

Step #2 Enter your order details on our secure checkout page.

Step #3 After you've finished, we'll get your CBD order shipped out to you right away.


Are You Interested But Still Have Questions About Which CBD Product is Right for You?

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call with us at the following Link and speak to a MY FIT LIFE Wellness Consultant:

You can also schedule your consultation by phone at 562-528-3090 or email us at

We look forward to working with you on your journey towards Vibrant Health & Mental Clarity.

Thank you for checking out this video. If you'd like to check out My Fit Life online, you can find us at Remember, knowledge is power and health is wealth.

This is Al Morentin with My Fit Life. Thank you and have a beautiful day.