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Posted by My Fit Life on Aug 21st 2021

At My Fit Life, we've been using Miron Violet Glass for our CBD since Day 1 back in 2016.

Miron Violet Glass is Biophotonic, maintaining and enhancing the beneficial energy stored in our CBD.. all while preserving our CBD oils naturally for years at a time.

Check out this video to discover the why Miron Violet Glass is best for preserving your CBD.


- Welcome to My Fit Life.

Today we are discussing the benefits of our biophotonic, energizing glass packaging. And by the way, we have used this packaging since day one, of providing our products to the public, okay?

And in my live events, you'll oftentimes hear me say that our glass only allows in two spectrums of light preserving things nine times longer than normal. So our packaging is basically the preservative. We don't have to add any harmful preservatives to our products because of this or any preservatives at all for that matter.

So this video it's more of a visual representation and a technical representation of that. So you can just understand the amazing benefits that this glass packaging has for the products that you get from us, okay?

So really quickly, a company story. The company that makes this glass is based in the Netherlands and it has two manufacturing plants, one in Germany, one in Croatia, both multimillion dollar facilities. And they're the only ones in the world that make this specialized glass. It's really super amazing.

Okay, so let's get into the amazing benefits of our energizing, biophotonic glass. Okay, so as you can see, it's really super, pretty, really amazingly beautiful, okay? But it's not just beautiful, it's actually super heavy duty, super thick. It's BPA free, everything, including the lid is BPA free. Eco-conscious, it preserves things for like two plus years, like I said, nine times longer than normal. It's scent proof, it's airtight. You can put herbs in here and you can't smell a thing.

Okay, so I'm gonna share my screen with you. And as you can see, our specialized jars they actually slow down the decaying process of organic matter while maintaining the freshness of whatever you put inside and what sets our jars apart from all other jars that it blocks out harmful, visible light rays while selectively allowing in the infrared and UVA rays. So those are the two spectrums of light that it allows in, okay? And very, very beneficial for that. We'll show you this visual representation of that right now...

Okay, so as you can see, it literally blocks out the harmful visible light rays and allows in the UVA and the infrared rays, okay. So with clear glass jars, this allows in all spectrums of light and there is really quick degradation, okay? And then with amber glass jars, which are slightly better, they're seen as like the gold standard, but they're just slightly better. They block out the visible light, but they also block out the UVA, which is super beneficial, okay. They allow in the infrared, but infrared basically can penetrate almost anything. So it slows down the degradation, but there is some fairly quick degradation that happens with amber jars. With our specialized violet glass jars, it blocks out the visible light rays, but it allows in these UVA and infrared rays. And it has amazing benefit because of that.

And here's what actually happens like in real life, okay. So this is a picture of a tomato they were put in at the same time and sealed up at the same time, same day, same hour, you know, whatever, you know, same minute and after seven months you could see in the clear glass jar, there is mold and microbial growth. And with the tomato there basically shows no signs of drying out or loss of color. So very amazing, okay? And that's a visual representation, just proof of how awesome these jars are.

So this is another test with it, it's a two month chive test. Now chives are among the most fragile and easily perishable herbs you can find at a grocery store. So they degrade fairly quickly. And with a glass jar, you could see it, a very quick degradation, two months, it is dried out and brown as can be. In the amber jar they're brown, they're slightly green, but mostly brown and you could see some really good degradation here. With the violet glass jar, it is basically just like the day you put it in there, right? After two months. So very, very little degradation, if any, at all, you know? It literally preserves the biophotonics energy and actually can increase the biophotonics energy of the contents inside. So super amazing for our CBD and other products, okay?

So the jars are heavy duty. They preserve freshness. And they're amazingly beautiful it's just really super cool. And compared, the clear jars and the amber jars, remember the violet glass jars that we use, they preserve things for two plus years, they enhance the contents, they block out visible light, only allowing in the UVA and the infrared spectrums, they're air-tight, leak-proof and BPA free. So just super amazing violet glass jars, okay?

So let me get back to my full screen here. So as you can see, we don't just oversee the entire manufacturing process from seed to packaging, every step that process is specialized, including our energizing biophotonic glass packaging.

So remember guys, knowledge is power and health is wealth.

This is Al Morentin, with My Fit Life.

Thank you and have a beautiful day. Peace.